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Newly Added 13 December 2005: Info and photos of my new telescope

Newly Added 9 December 2005: Info and photos from my aerospace days

Game Industry Contributions

I gave a talk a the Digital Games Xpo at Wake Tech Community College in Raleigh, NC on 25 June 2005. Here is a link to a PDF version of my presentation.

How To Fly Document and Contents are Copyright (c) 2005 Graham Rhodes

I contributed to the development of a few game programming books and things. You should purchase a few copies of them for your friends and family and coworkers from Amazon.com. Here are helpful links:

Game Programming Gems 2 Game Programming Gems 4 Game Programming Gems 5 Introduction to Game Development Time Will Tell

I spoke at the Game Developer's Conference in 2001. You can download my paper and presentation from the 2001 GDC Archive site.

I am the moderator for the Math and Physics forum at the game development portal, GameDev.net

I am a member of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA):


I am a member of ACM SIGGRAPH:


For the programmer geeks out there...at the Game Developer's Conference in 2003 there was a fun session called the "Programmer's Challenge," which was sort of a Jeopardy-style game show for some of the celebrity game programmers attending. One of the categories was to determine the result of bitwise math operations between pairs of binary numbers. With a twist. Each bit of a 4-bit binary # was assigned to be the name of a candy bar ingredient. The problems, and multiple choice answers, were then stated in terms of brand-name candy bars and ingredients. Good fun! I took a couple of snapshots of the questions. Here is one of them for your amusement. The top line defines the names of the bits, and the second line is the problem statement, in terms of candy bars and bitwise operators.

GDC 2003 Programmer's Challenge Candy Bar Math

Good Fun

Some of my favorite video games:

Musical Tendencies

I play guitar. Some folk rock (Ovation Standard Balladeer steel string acoustic guitar), some rock (Fender Stratocaster Standard electric guitar), some classical (Enos Hernandez and Yamaha classical guitars).

My guitar instructor is Barre Gambling, lead guitarist for the death metal band Daylight Dies. Barre is classically trained, and an extremely accomplished player.

Here is my Enos Hernandez classical guitar:

A photo of my Enos Hernandez classical guitar. A closeup photo of my Enos Hernandez classical guitar.

Some music that I enjoy immensely:

Artistic Tastes

I am a fan of the fine arts, and particularly enjoy paintings in the style of classical realism, and photograpy (landscape and creative portraits)

Some artists whose work I appreciate and related websites that I enjoy:

I am somewhat of a photographer myself. Here's a few photos of mine

Christmas 2004

El Capitan from Cathedral Beach, Yosemite National Park, March 2005

The Manneporte @ Etretat, France, July 2005

If you need to rent some fake ice cubes, you can get them here, for a reasonable price, ha!

Trengove Studios, Inc.

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